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Cutlery Set

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Cutlery Set

Save time looking for cutlery and go for a cutlery set. With a cutlery set, you have all the cutlery you need in one go. We have a wide choice of cutlery sets for you. Whether you are looking for brightly coloured cutlery or cutlery in sleek designs, at Cookinglife, you will find many different collections.

Cutlery set complete

In our range, you will find the many different collections from Amefa. This luxurious, Dutch brand is known for its high quality. Most Amefa cutlery sets are therefore made of stainless steel 18/10. This means that it contains 18% chromium and 10% nickel, with which it can be called 'real stainless steel', in contrast to ordinary stainless steel, which often contains less chrome and nickel.

Also, cutlery sets from Cosy & Trendy are also available. Sets where you benefit from a perfect price-quality ratio.

The cutlery sets can be found in 12-piece, 16-piece, 24-piece, but also 40-piece, 60-piece and even 95-piece with which you get all the cutlery at home in one time.

Cutlery set offer

By choosing a complete set, you pay relatively less than when you order all parts separately. Also, at Cookinglife, you always benefit from the lowest prices, and you never pay too much for your cutlery set! We have affordable standard cutlery sets, but also cutlery sets in a luxury case or unique fish cutlery sets. 

When ordering a large cutlery set, pay close attention to precisely what the collection consists of to make sure you have chosen the right set and that you are not missing any parts.

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