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Chef's Choice

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Chef's Choice

Chef's Choice was founded in 1984 by Daniel D. Friel. Only after his 40-year career with DuPont, Friel started to use his skills. Friel had always loved inventions, and he had drawn up a list of products that he would like to invent during his retirement.

One of those inventions was a knife sharpener and then a sharpener that can sharpen different types of knives as effectively as possible. Preferably a sharpener for high-quality gourmet kitchen knives.

Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener History

Out of frustration, he started with a knife set from the Gerber brand, which he could never have sharpened. He had once received them from his wife and thought it was a shame to put them away. However, he did not get them sharp either. He eventually invented thirteen prototype knife sharpeners, of which one met his expectations.

Shortly after the introduction of his first knife sharpener (the Chef 's Choice Diamond Hone Sharpener), he received accreditations from cooking experts and top chefs including Pierre Franey, Jacques Pépin and Craig Claiborne.

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