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Are you crazy about stews? Then a casserole is indispensable in your kitchen cabinet! In addition to tasty stews, you can also use it to make the most delicious braising steaks. The thicker bottom distributes the heat evenly, but above all keeps it well. And that is exactly what you need when roasting, simmering and stewing. Vegetables are also easy to prepare in this pan. Think for example of a delicious vegetarian Shakshuka. Enjoy your favourite dish with your new frying pan!

Cast iron skillet

When it comes to even heat distribution, a cast-iron skillet is ideal. This material is extremely strong, lasts a very long time and has the quality of retaining heat! Would you like a cast-iron skillet? Then you can choose a variant with or without a non-stick coating. The latter is certainly not inferior in quality, it only requires a little more preparation. You have to burn in a cast iron pan before use. This is fully explained in our selection guide.

Le Creuset frying pan

Say casserole, then you say Le Creuset! The famous casseroles of this French brand can be recognized for their high quality and trendy design. It is impossible to imagine a kitchen without them. Since 1925 Le Creuset has been producing high-quality pans and kitchen utensils. The Le Creuset frying pans are not only very practical but also very stylish. Which colour do you choose?

How do you maintain a cast iron skillet?

The most important thing for a cast iron pan is to keep it greasy. So always grease it with oil after cleaning. How do you clean the pan? With hot water and a dishwashing brush. It is important that you do not use any detergent! This story applies to cast iron pans without a non-stick coating. If you take good care of your cast iron skillet, it will last a very long time!


Enamel frying pan 

For gently and evenly searing meat, an enamel casserole is a favourite in many households. At Cookinglife you can order this at a very competitive price online. You have a wide choice of different diameters, ranging from 22 cm to 28 cm. Do you have a large family or many guests? Then our oval enamel casserole with a length of 42 cm is highly recommended. It is suitable for gas, oven, ceramic and electric. Easily make your choice online and we will ensure fast delivery!

What to look for when buying an enamel casserole? 

Do you have questions about the pros and cons of buying an enamel casserole? What you should pay particular attention to is the type of heat source. Our pans with enamel coating are suitable for most heat sources, with the exception of induction. If you want to use induction, you can check out our wide range of frying pans and roasting racks. Do you want to cook your stew slowly in the oven? Then the material of the handles of an enamel casserole is something you can pay attention to. If they are made of plastic, this way of cooking is not possible.

What is a good frying pan?

A good frying pan is one that retains heat. In addition, the size should be suitable for your dish. For a stew, a large pan is recommended. Especially when cooking for a family. It is also important that the pan is suitable for the heat source you are using. Did you know that a casserole is also ideal for preparing delicious oven dishes? Use a casserole without wooden or plastic parts and always check the product specifications!

Where can you buy a frying pan?

At Cookinglife you are at the right place to buy your new casserole. You have a wide selection to choose from and we provide a fast delivery! In addition, we have many other useful kitchen tools in our range. Think of razor-sharp knives, cutting boards and many other useful kitchen utensils, but also plates and other tableware to serve everything on. So you can put delicious dishes on the table in no time!

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