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Butchers Twine

If you are going to cook for your friends or family, you can use some help. With our handy kitchen accessories for meat and fish dishes, you can prepare the most delicious dishes, and you have time for your guests.

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Butchers Twine

Which meat dish is more festive than a stuffed roulade? Make a delicious filled roulade for Christmas, a birthday or just like that with the help of a roulade. A roulade can be filled with ingredients such as vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, cheese and even fruit!

Butchers Twine silicone

You can use silicone kitchen twine to tie a roulade. A roulade rope made of silicone has the advantage that it is dishwasher safe. To use kitchen twine you first need a nice piece of meat from the back or abdomen, where all bones, nerves and excess fat have been removed. A roulade can be made from beef, veal, lamb, chicken or turkey.

Buy roulade rope

Buy your kitchen twine online from your online cooking store. At Cookinglife you will find kitchen twine made of cotton, polyester and silicone. Our Westmark silicone roulade rope is reusable and can be put in the dishwasher after use. Also, we have polyester and cotton kitchen twine in our range with which you can not only bind roulades but with kitchen twine, you can also easily bind herbs together to dry or make a bundle of vegetables for the oven.

Roulade rope shop

Cookinglife is an online store when it comes to kitchen supplies. At Cookinglife you have come to the right place for kitchen twine. In our range, you will find kitchen twine that can be reused, cotton kitchen twine and polyester kitchen twine. With kitchen twine, you not only bind the meat together for a delicious roulade. You can also dry your herbs or bundle your vegetables with Cookinglife kitchen twine.

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